How to Install Ceramic Tiles

How to Install Ceramic Tiles


You want to learn how to install tile? Who can blame them, right? Ceramics are one of the most popular on the market today, tile shapes and fits perfectly in your home. Brand manufacturer ceramic tile collections can change your homes air.  So, let us begin with the basics.

The first thing to do it. Installing that you start everything you need to ensure They are tiles, spacers, adhesives, grouts, rags, a level, sponges, a rubber float, trowel, hammer, tape measure, knife, hammer, tile cutters, pliers, tongs need, and cannot forget sunglasses safety.

Firstly you have to prepare the ground. This is important because you want to make sure that all holes and cracks in the ground are filled or to be repaired. Now, you have to prepare the ground for placement. Before you do this, decide what type of soil it is the method of constructing a concrete floor is plywood or vinyl flooring is different.


After the soil must be prepared to take off your tiles, cut – if it has not taken place yet. A tile cutter is ideal for this task. Then you need to start looking at the thin layer of adhesive mortar for most types of ceramic tiles. This aids in the laying of the tiles.

By learning how to install ceramic tile, you should recognize that there are really a lot of time before your mixes – as thinnest thin layer to dry they start. So we understand the time constraints you before commencing work and make sure you have adequate time to invest to have the installation successfully.How-to-Install-Ceramic-Tiles-03

Now is the time to start laying the tiles. First, make sure that the entire area was cleaned and free from dust or dirt. After you have added the adhesive on the bottom, you will begin to lay the tiles row by row. You do not want to set them side by side, but leave room for grout. Grout spacers are ideal to make sure that you leave enough space.


In some cases, the adhesive will start to climb through the rooms, simply remove and do not let it be so. You need a certain pressure on the tile to set it to ensure that you are putting in your applied glue to use.

Until the glue dries, you have the option of the piece if needed to move. Keep adding water to thin as necessary to get it to work on time. After his oeuvre he checks over everything again. Do you have enough space? Could things be moved to avoid too much cut tiles?


If you are satisfied, you can begin cutting the tiles to obtain the locking pieces and flatten them. Now you are ready to grout. You must wait 20 hours before you start grouting. Get your Groove spacer, if used, and the use of the float, start with. The grout into the joints between the tiles It is necessary to force the grout down your joints. If you have excess, just remove it with your sponge and a little water. Now that you know how to install tile, you can begin.


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