Furniture Design Trends 2014

Furniture Design Trends 2014

One of the largest furniture fair in the world opens its doors between 13 and 19 January in Cologne, Germany. Noted imm Cologne comes just released previews of major brands of furniture, but also a very interesting analysis of trends for 2014. How to advertise these trends?


Before you point out each one, as one generally observes contradictory trends. On the one hand there is a strong disposition towards people which means natural materials, mainly wood (dark oak with birch much brighter and clear) and leather, which is making a comeback, on the other hand for color feeling again after years of absence.


What unusual combinations TREND results will be given preference as different people? Well, experts predict unusual combination – wood with vibrant color accents, and different types of wood for a natural image, but they seem hand made finish or the high-tech applications such as innovative materials from special materials, plastic futuristic structures. It also sets no longer seem to find his place among people’s preferences.


As such, a dining table with chairs will be accompanied by upholstery in different colors or different designs of chairs, hanging bodies come in different color accents, but are modular, so you can mix and therefore more interesting. The principle seems to be the furniture that can adapt to different spaces and preferences, a mobile client leaves freedom to sit down and use it as needed.


Vintage Furniture Trend in 2014

TREND VINTAGE is very interesting that people begin to appreciate quality pieces of furniture that lasts, I say that is exactly the principle we launched Smart Luxury. The most successful collections in recent years are those that are similar period industrial design, ie design of 50-60 years, so-called vintage.



Therefore besides many reprints of parts became famous, signed international design masters such as van der Velde from Aalto too many pieces of furniture we will have vintage image. That means all material combinations typical mid twentieth century from plastic to metal combined with wood or metal trim and filling all in purified form of ornaments, simple, ergonomic and spectacular.



ECO TREND – ETHNIC There are sections that are revitalized by appealing to tradition, the details and accessories that recall the ancient craft technique, whether we are talking about simple cross stitch, folk motifs, whether we see wood joints under the old traditional methods.



The recovery of what is old and valuable recycling sector extends from the furniture made from old boats to the materials from old buildings. Precious resources are kept so that the test of time and has a patina original (wood), but which bring modern additions, metal supports, fastening systems and current operated. A mix of old and new to a particular aspect authentic.



TREND DIY COLOURED desire individuation of objects has led to the creation of new service design. So many manufacturers, aware of current Do it yourself, come with personalized proposals in various colors and combinations. From finishes that can be taken in different textures and colors, even photos and drawings from personal archive client to modular lamps and lamp shades which can change – seems that anything is possible.



Of course all of these opportunities in a way helps the buyer but on the other hand it and bemused. When you have so many options to choose from you simply lose. As such the role of interior designers is becoming a crucial one, as well as their challenges. Interior designers don’t only use their knowledge and experience to create environments tailored to different needs, but is challenged more than ever to always be aware of the possibilities of customization they offer producers.



It announces a truly exciting year, and furniture pieces that will be part of the 2014 collection promises surprising and limited editions. So stayed tuned. And if you need interior designers, feel free to call us for advice. Try to visit imm Cologne this year.

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