Furniture Designs |Antonio Gaudi and Salvador Dali Furniture

Furniture Designs |Antonio Gaudi and Salvador Dali Furniture


Gaudi and Salvador Dali Furniture Design

True masters with a unique and unmistakable, one architect and one painter, did not hesitate to use his talent for functional things. Yeah, maybe you know maybe not, but the architect Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926), known for Sagrada Family, designed in his lifetime many households. And not limited to their architecture, but he also ambientarea inner conceiving and pieces of furniture and even details such as door handles. Salvador Dali (1904-1989) during the life drew numerous sketches of parts furniture, but only a few have been materialized. Now, the company BD Barcelona Design produces very small series of these iconic pieces. But how did the masters and furniture? Let me tell the story of each.



Nobody explains the architect Antonio Gaudi incredible talent when it comes to details. Besides stunning carved furniture pieces created for Casa Calvet, surprising are the fitting, door handles. Surprisingly artistic shape proves to be one perfectly ergonomic. It’s like someone had left their mark on the handles, and when it was immortalized in metal. These handles were created for homes in its portfolio, now tourist attractions: Casa Calvet, Casa Batllo, Casa Mira (also known as La Pedrera).



Specialists in the field trying to find a reason for this vision that combines art with technique that architect father had been manufacturing boilers. Working from metal objects had to be functional and safe, it would have helped Gaudi child to observe and acquire these skills. But in the end it may be simply grace. Just do not accidentally master work can not be classified in any style, right? He created a new style, and it bears his name. It definitely influenced the architecture by removing angles and causing manufacturers to find new materials to fulfill fabulous projects.




Antonio Gaudi and Salvador Dali

During his Parisian Salvador Dali was surrounded by a lot of friends, mostly artists. But the interwar period was one in which the decorative arts were rampant. So she met the decorator and furniture manufacturer Jean Michel Frank. Along with this, Dali could give life to some of the furniture sketches that imagine them in cinemas, restaurants in his home in the world. Nature’s megalomaniac utopia to transform the world, challenged to imagine including lighting.


He also designed the Bracelli to his home in Port Lligat. Then, in the ’70s, along with Oscar Tusquets Dalilips designed sofa. After his master’s death, Tursquets obviously impressed by his time as surrealist painter worked with wanted to materialize some or even the comic pieces which are represented in paintings. Leda seat was actually inspired by the painting Femme a la tete Rose (1935) and the first prototype was created in 1990 by BD Barcelona Design Company in collaboration with Joaquim Camps and Tusquets. Since you have other employees to make furniture after sketches by Dali? Because it did not say in his drawings any size or material objects that could be made. That is ultimately the job of a designer, when he was an artist without bending to the technical details. However, Leda chair and table, for example, are made of polished brass, in perfect agreement with the personality of Dali proud.



BD Barcelona Design Historical Furniture Designs

The nice part of these stories is united in one important point: BD Barcelona Design , the company has the right to produce these wonderful pieces of design. Whoever wants it, should expect prices to match. It’s not just the quality of materials or the manner of execution, but also the names of the masters who created them.



I do not know which I like more and do not know what I would do if someone would ask to choose between plasticity and organic form or show parts of Gaudi and Dali’s eccentricity. Sometimes it’s really nice to not have such dilemmas, so I say just happy to see the pictures and to tell to you about them. Hope you like it!





Photo: BD Barcelona Design

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