Furniture Designs in Flower Forms | Flower Chairs

Furniture Designs in Flower Forms

Flowers – gentle and refined embodiment of nature. They are able to make life brighter and more cheerful. Thus, the designers did their best to fill the interiors of floral motifs, flowers, even turning in his chair. We offer unusual chairs made in the shape of flowers.


Bunga Flower Chair

The word “Bunga” means “flower”. Actually proposed a set of designer furniture from the table and a few chairs, which when folded resemble a huge flower. Roundtable – core and chairs – petals. Set have the liking of both children and adults.


Armchair Black Rose

Designer Carla Tolomeo presented an interesting chair in the form of roses. Huge size, upholstery velvet draw in the imagination creates an elegant and luxurious interior, the appropriate original chair.


Bouquet Chair

Flowers bring incredibly gentle and warm feelings, the same feelings arise when looking at the chair designer Yoshioka Tokujin. The chair looks like a huge flower with lots of petals, among which you can cuddle and relax.


Armchair Tsubomi

Tsubomi chair created a team of three Japanese designers inspired by the beauty of flowers in the woods Kukunochi. Original chair will help to create an interior with a warm, friendly atmosphere.


Armchair Getsuen

Getsuen chair from Italian furniture factory Edra – is the result of the union of high technology and craftsmanship. Resembling blossoming lily armchair delight not only in appearance but also comfort.


Lotus Flower Chair Design

Bright Lotus chair fills the home with warmth and brightness. It looks like the original throne that will feel like a king or queen some distant exotic land.


Cactus Chair Design

Cactus – it is rather not a flower, and the plant, usually looking intimidating and aggressive, but sometimes it blooms beautiful flowers. Buying Armchair “Cactus” can exhibit itself in anticipation of amazing colors somewhere in the middle of desert prairie.


“Flower” from the Chair Bonluxat

“Flower” from Bonluxat chairs are ideal for spacious accommodations. They are large and offer maximum comfort. Despite its size, they are easy to move on wheels. Bright velvet upholstery emphasizes their elegance and luxury.


Blossom Chair from Kenneth Cobonque

Get as comfortable as possible, feeling the queen of flowers, can be in the chair Flower Bloom from Kenneth Cobonque. Beautiful flower with petals creates huge room a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Tulip Flower Chair Design

Netherlands – a country of tulips, here you can enjoy a huge variety of shapes and colors. Pierre Paulin, inspired by the amazing flower, offered his version of the character of the area.


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