Relax in Style : Living Room with Sofa Bed Stingray Daybed

Relax in Style : Living Room with Sofa Bed Stingray Daybed

Sofa Bed Stingray Daybed Alexander Purcell Rodrigues

The best relaxing experience for your sofa bed? Purcell Family ray couch to exercise. Inspired by the beautiful appearance of teeth duck, tilt it. His great many people wavy surface, irregular, can sit or lie to provide cover for sewing. Sofa Bed is steel base is unparalleled aesthetic appeal and the presence of at least clean and can provide a strong support. It is generated by the master designer at Alexander Purcell Rodrigues.


Purcell Family of simple geometric shapes rays sofa striped fish converts the flowing lines. It is reminiscent of a full line of elegant and has a zero-gravity position. Leather upholstery fabrics and a variety of indoor and outdoor air version comes in two sizes. It allows you to enjoy owning a multi-functional piece of furniture. Add some pillows and a quick break from work or can be converted into a cozy corner. If you are outside during the summer days of bed rest and you can breathe fresh air. In addition, several pieces, you can create a wonderful outdoor party.


It’s chic and minimalist sofa were difficult. You can do anything in a way you decorate your home. Instead, with drinks and magazines and is the perfect spot to unwind. Full line of sofas and exquisite detail captures every person in the household. The sophisticated tufted back to the floor, with a maximum refinement to grace your home with. What is striking about the Rays going to the couch?

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