Small Apartment Design by Studio Odnushechka

Small Apartment Design by Studio Odnushechka

Small Apartment Interior Design


Hi dear followers, in this article we want to share a Small Apartment Design project with you. Owners of this small apartment in Krasnogorsk – a young married couple with a small child – are planning to live in it a maximum of three years, so they are easily agreed to the proposal and Dmitry Sergey Bahareva Zhigaleva, founders of the studio “Odnushechka” put desperate interior experiment.


Studio designers with the telling name professionally engaged in solving complex problems in small spaces. It is looks like a million others before small apartment design and renovation – the gray concrete walls, floor and ceiling, walls of brick and bathrooms instituted in electricity board. Its only advantage was a great view from the window of the forest.


Small Apartment Living


In a sense, the customers themselves have initiated the experiment. They initially did not want to spend a lot of money and effort to repair temporary housing, so designers have offered to leave bare concrete walls, erected zoning partitions of brick and not to hide the electrical wiring for this small apartment design.


Designers have taken note of the wishes of customers and decided to go even further. In the bathroom, they paraded sewer riser, hiding it along with a washing machine for an absolutely transparent glass door.


Modern Small Apartment Design


Modern small apartment design with bare walls did not look too dull, brick interior walls were painted white, and too austere space flooded with interesting design objects and bright paintings. Followers Sergey Bahareva and Dmitry Zhigaleva – terribly uncomfortable, but the author’s unusual floor lamp on a skateboard and a wooden chair in the hallway brand Teak House.

Small Apartment Kitchen


White kitchen hosts themselves have bought into “Ikea” and designers have added to her structure assembled from metal studs and wooden shelves, chairs Scott Howard, Deep House and circular countertop own production. Nice small apartment kitchen with a good small apartment design.

One of the prerequisites was Polyfloor polymer coating on the floor, which is very like the owners of the apartment. It simulates the floor of the array, it is easy to clean and does not break phones, cups and other fragile items.

As a result, a typical family standard small apartment design for a couple with a small child – kitchen-living room, a separate bedroom, a small dressing room and spacious bathroom – turned quite atypical.

We hope you like this small apartment design, maybe you can interest about Small Bathroom Solutions article too.

photos: Odnushechka

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