Hotel Au Vieux Panier (France). Constant Updating in Six Rooms

Hotel Au Vieux Panier (France). Constant Updating in Six Rooms


Design Hotel Au Vieux Panier distinguished himself by his non-conformist approach to the design of the rooms. The hotel consists of just six rooms, each of them has its core design and moody.


In order not to bore myself or visitors, owners change “scenery” with the regularity of a year. Try on the role of creator-intererschika offer artists, designers and architects.


All creative in their own way out of the situation: someone takes on pastel shades, and someone screaming bright colors and bold details or creates a weightless environment of space. According to the owners, the concept is to put the guest in itself a work of art.


Chamber size hotel located in the heart of Marseille, in the XVII century historic building, dating back to antiquity. In the room there is a library, a seating area and a roof terrace.


Rooms are well protected from the hustle and equipped with reliable soundproofing. Each room, like pieces of clothing, has its size – M, L, XL, XXL. Owners are sure that each visitor will be able to see the room corresponding to his food preferences and lifestyle.


Each room has its own unique style. This year, the hotel has a room with inviting jungle room with wooden bars, apartments mysterious ladies, housing romance …


On the creation of rooms Fabrication of dreams (in translation from English “Production of Dreams”) bother artist Julien Colombier (Julien Colombier) . Black walls diluted colored branches of palm trees and purple diamonds that contrasts vividly with the white pieces. Combining with decorative aesthetic, the artist filled the room dynamics and liveliness.


Pictorial motifs blur around the room and repeated, like a wallpaper pattern. However, this is not a series of overlapping patterns, but quite independent elements that complement each other.


Volume and texture are emphasized in an artificial glow effect – technology borrowed from graffiti.


 Hotel Au Vieux Panier

 This technique helps to create depth and dimension without building perspective. Images of the border with the unknown and horrible, and are associated with the effects of nature.


“Wood Room” was created by the architectural studio AVExciters . Working at the convergence of the real and the virtual, micro-architecture and interactive installation, designers create simple, but high-tech projects.


Above the bed hangs a menacing forest wooden bar that produces light, lighting thus can alter.


Room 710 was created by a group of architects and creative people. The primary theme that occupied space – night, moonlight, sexy, secret rituals and ancient religion. The second name of the room – La dame Noir / Black Lady.


Room fraught gloom. It is filled with elegance, black, antique mirrors and vintage furniture. Sensual landscapes are combined with luxurious trappings.


Contrastly room looks over which worked Milene Germont (Milene Guermont) . Light and airy room done in beige tones.


“Zest” decoration rooms – suspended installation of plastic decoys planets and intergalactic light shapes hanging from the ceiling.


Lemark Guillaume (Guillaume Lemarquier), known as street art artist MIST , also engaged in design apartments, paint them in bright colors. The white walls paint drain flows, act tapered elements, and as puffs used plastic cat faces with a glossy finish.


The final room is named Ohido, probably the most mundane of all current design boutique images: white walls, a minimum of decoration, monochrome paintings with African characters.


Last year the project room called Panic Room, made ​​graffiti Tilt , charmed all the Internet space. The panic Room name translates as “Panic Room”, but in fact there were no monsters and horror films. Smashing all the templates, the artist moved into a residential street art abode.


Dividing the room into two parts, one of which he painted with bright graffiti and a second left is white. Under the “coloring” of aerosol cans and markers were absolutely all objects, including mirrors, wall, floor, chair, curtains, dressing table and even a bed.





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