Impressive Hand Blown Lighting Designs

Impressive Hand Blown Lighting Designs

 Perfect Hand Blown Lights


Impressive Hand Blown Lighting Designs; Rothschild and Bickers Not content to produce a contemporary lighting , Hereford also a company with a mission – to save a dying craft alive. They founded in 2007 the Royal College of Art graduate Victoria Rothschild and Mark Bickers , are one of the few still active glass factory in the UK, where the glass Handblown lights .

His lighting projects can , according to their website , “produced by hand using traditional methods and techniques secular ” , but Rothschild and Bickers found a way to give beautifully individual and familial forms own materials – and ironically modern – twist.
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Retro Light, which honors the Festival of Britain in 1951 , with its line of top course modernist copper .

 A new series of Pick-n-Mix get a full release in September this year at the Design Junction during London Design Week .

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Impressive Lighting Designs

Spindle Shadow . Rich colors and contours , clean and modern Handblown glass shade with a subtle difference in the complexity lampworked spindle.
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“Glass is a team sport and can only be successful if there is a group of people committed to working together. Entire staff at Rothschild & Bickers studied glass design and constantly strive to share their skills and achievements to keep alive this beautiful ship . every part of the study done by hand, and we take pride in creating quality products that we hope will be treasured by future generations . “

Open optical light with its gently scalloped edge . Flora pendant light that has the decorative arts and crafts style floral accessories . Pressed metal , available in various finishes including polished brass and polished nickel modern .
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Rothschild and Bickers presented in his book “The new craftsmen ,” Olivier Dupont, published in 2011 by Thames and Hudson . Interviews for Toby Brant, Vicki and Mark project said in a short video below its inspiration the past and the present, the charm and challenges of working with hand-blown glass and causes the movement to lighting design modern .
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Exclusive projects in collaboration with Heal as part of a new British band coverage of the latter will be launched in September this year, this new specialized area dedicated to modern lighting is being designed lighting buyer ‘ S Healing , Lucio Longoni , with the intention of making it ” the largest and most inspiring in London.”
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Designs custom handmade and come in a choice of 15 standard colors with matching accessories metal and curves, a variety of glass colors, shapes . Flexible metallic finish and style and color are available, although these changes may also affect the cost and production time. Full custom design and manufacturing services are also offered for both domestic and commercial environments.





Photos © Rothschild & Bickers

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